Complete missions, collect achievements and build your reputation
Your web3 achievement service
  • We help users to understand the services of ecosystem, discover new services and learn how to use them through the game.
  • We help services to attract new users, increase the volume of transactions within them through an additional point of contact.
MEEDUS is a platform where you can mint your on-chain achievements as NFTs. When a user completes the mission, dApp gets the opportunity to claim an achievement NFT. After that, you will be able to see NFT on your wallet. We mark this action in the smart contract to avoid duplication.
What is Meedus?
Do you want more?
MEEDUS is just a part of the product ecosystem. Also we are developing additional NFT and DeFi services.
mint unique NFT username instead of a public wallet
Waves namespace
LineUp protocol
analyze your investment portfolio and manage your assets
Under construction
Active community members will receive reputation points and later can change it for bonuses in all our projects.
We grow up the ecosystem
Rewarded users are verified and motivated users that services can trust more. Therefore, some protocols may provide special conditions for users with rewards.
For example, increase the limit of transactions for traders or provide more profitability in the liquidity pools. This will protect the protocol of attacks and the risk of money laundering, and motivate users to use the protocol more and get them closer to the ecosystem.
Examples of missions
The list will expand. Protocols can create new tasks, and we’ll add them to the contract.
Explore achievements
Q3, 2022
We want to test whether the idea will be interesting to users. The goal is 500 users. The user must join the community and fill the form. In the form we need the address to which we’ll send the NFT for early adopters from the limited collection.
Start development and first users feedback
Q3, 2022
NFT-name is your personal identifier in the system. It gives access to Meedus alfa-testing. It will be the basis of a new civilization on the Waves blockchain. Your NFT-name will be displayed on all Waves services instead of public address. The goal is 100 sold names.
NFT namespace and airdrop for early adopters
Q3, 2022
We develop a dashboard (version 1) with balance. We integrate into the first protocols and form the initial list of tasks, distribute tasks to users. Next we’ll launch the first drop of tasks and distribute NFT-achievements to early adopters.
Collect ideas for achievements, develop and alpha-tests of achivement service
Q4, 2022
Expanding the dashboard. We add the complete list of awards with categories, which will expand. We add functionality for protocols so they can create rewards and conditions for receiving them themselves.
Second version and beta test
Q1, 2023
This side project will help us to draw more attention to Meadus and give our community additional opportunities for asset management and investment portfolio diversification. The first users of LineUP will receive additional achievements in MEEDUS.
Launching and alpha-test of LineUp protocol
Q1, 2023
Launching a massive advertising campaign, scaling the service, attracting new users. Collaborating with new Waves ecosystem services and developing the future :)
Implementing a referral system
Our partners
Protocols that are already ready for integration with us.
Let’s keep in touch
Unfortunately, the form for early adopters is already closed. But you can still take part in alpha- and beta- tests. Join the community so you don't miss a thing.